Hands-On H5P Content Development

Build rich, interactive content directly in Moodle using H5P components that are now part of core code.

About H5P

The Benefits of Developing Content with H5P

H5P comes standard with Moodle 4.0 and allows educators to create rich interactive content directly in Moodle.

Content Types

H5P offers a large variety of interactive content types that makes it easy to put to use. The H5P plugin can be added to your WordPress, Moodle or Drupal site, or be integrated via LTI with various other collaborators.

Course Presentation

Create a presentation with interactive slides.

Interactive Video

Create eye-capturing videos enriched with interactions.

Image Hotspots

Create an image with multiple information hotspots.

Interactive Book

Course, books or tests can be created with the interactive book.


Create a questionnaire to receive feedback

Branching Scenario

Create various dilemmas and self paced learning.

Desktop Content Development

Do More With Lumi

Lumi is a desktop editing tool for H5P that allows you to develop content on your desktop and upload it to the Moodle Content Bank once done.

All H5P Hub Content Types

All H5P Hub Content Types

Choose and download over more than 40 content types from the H5P Hub.

Pure HTML and SCORM Export

Pure HTML and SCORM Export

Export your work as all-in-one HTML or SCORM 1.2 files that works on nearly every LMS.

Lumi Runs Standalone

Lumi Runs Standalone

There is no need for a LMS or CMS to run Lumi as it runs as a desktop app from your computer.